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Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India, is thought to have explored the Kuari Pass Trek, giving it the name Lord Curzon Trail. The Kuari Pass Trek, which is located in the Garhwal Himalaya and close to the ski resort of Auli, is perfect for beginners and those who want to experience what it’s like to live in the snow firsthand. The trek also makes sure to offer doors for the undiscovered, rural culture, and modest living to be viewed and experienced. The concept that this walk helps you get closer to nature and discover your own power holds true despite all the challenges you may face along the way.

Kuari Pass is a high mountain pass sited in the Garhwal region, located in the southern direction of the Indian-Tibetan border. The beauty of this region reveals many incredible views of nature before your eyes.

The word Kuari means a doorway and this pass is mainly famous for trekking, which several adventure enthusiasts attempt every now and then. 

This trek starts from Joshimath where you get to find a lot of trekkers, adventure seekers, and devotee pilgrims like you. This trek is a great opportunity to relish the infinite sky and the mighty Himalayan mountains thus there is every reason to not miss out on it. 

And if you are lucky you might also get to see the footprints of rare Himalayan Bears or leopards. So, if you are all excited to visit here, we won’t blame you, however in that case, the best time to visit Kuari Pass would be March, April, and May. 

Major Attractions Of Kuari Pass

  • Ancient Forests. While on your trek to Kuari Pass, you will get to witness the lush beauty of ancient forests. It is believed that these Oak and rhododendrons are almost ancient. Walking among the trees, you get to witness the sweeping view of nature’s incredible views. 
  • Campsites. These campsites in the Kuari Pass trek introduce you to some other level of fun and excitement. Agreed that trekking is not a piece of cake, however, it is the moments of happiness while you are on an adventure, that count the most and helps you bond with your tribe. There are mainly two campsites namely Chitrakantha campsite and Khullara campsite.
  • Mountain Views. From the first day, you get to witness the most undaunting views of Himalayan peaks like Mt. Nanda Devi and Dronagiri. And, as you move forward, you get to see more and more of the mountains, and the open sky welcomes you with its stunning views. 

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