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Right from their weird headdresses to their bizarre sense of wardrobe, from their excellent handloom to their queer taste in food, from their vibrant festivals to choice of trophies in the form of animals’ skulls, Nagaland has always stood apart from all other states in India. A colorful land of impeccable culture and unprecedented traditions, this lesser-known state is certainly an enticing destination to explore.


Little do we know that on each turn in Nagaland there is a surprise waiting for us; the unexpected influence of Hinduism, the indelible marks of Christianity, and the legends that are known beyond Indian borders, make Nagaland truly a fascinating land that needs to be explored So, once again we have taken up the job to intimate avid travelers like you about land as mesmerizing as Nagaland.


Here is the list of the best places in Nagaland that every tourist must visit:


  • Dimapur
  • Kohima
  • Mokokchung
  • Mon
  • Wokha
  • Dzukou Valley
  • Tuophema Village
  • Khonoma Green Village
  • Benreu
  • Meluri
  • Kiphire
  • Peren
  • Tuensang
  • Longleng

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