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Dubbed the ‘Songbird of India’, there are various places to visit in Mizoram that offer myriad reasons for the discerning traveler to visit here. From irresistible landscapes and unique culture to grand festivals and enviable tranquility, the Mizoram tourist places have something to offer every palate. The dense greenery and rending milky white waterfalls at Vantawng Waterfalls will charm the most seasoned traveler. If you are a wildlife fan, there are a plethora of sanctuaries and reserves here including the Murlen National Park and the Dampa Tiger Reserve.


Don’t forget to indulge in Mizo customs, culture, cuisine, and tradition, and stop by the Falkawn Village to get authentic local taste. Whether you are traveling solo or looking for an afternoon amid nature, Tamdil Lake with its calmness and almost spiritual peace is where you should be headed. This spectacular land with all its beauty and richness, culture, talent, and tradition, is an absolute must-visit. 


Here are some best places to visit in Mizoram:


  • Aizawl 
  • Lunglei
  • Mamit 
  • Kolasib 
  • Reiek 
  • Vantawng Waterfalls 
  • Falkawn Village
  • Phawngpui 
  • Tamdil Lake 
  • Hmuifang 
  • Serchhip 
  • Champhai 
  • Saiha 
  • Murlen National Park 

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